Wrong Side Of Paradise

Saturday, 30 November 2013

New World Slaughter

Welcome to the new age of  living.
Self sufficient taking more than giving.
The new age of plastic and cold metal chains that spin and blind.
Take care of yours, I'll take care of mine.

As we all mind each other’s business, unaware of our imminent fall under the advertising hitlist.
Consumerism shoved down your throat it's ubiquitous, it's me against them instead of them against us.

It's consuming and falsely gratifying, no one to trust, paranoia's grip is tightening, your lack of fear is frightening. So brainwash the ignorant who need enlightening with botox and implants and tooth whitening for fake smile's blinding once clear sight they're now confining to dumb down our future youth cursed with violence and abandonment and confusion driven by the illusion of satisfaction as they fuel the fire for the inevitable chain reaction.

And blame the victims of society when things blow up, it's sickening as the smoke screens thickening in the place our future are expected to grow up.

It's so daunting I could throw up on my expensive designer shoes made in china by kids they push to the back of the news. Because they're less important than the page three kicks that have middleaged men on the train transfixed, as they ignore their sons and their daughters and send them into the world like lambs to the slaughter.
Without hope or wisdom in search of shotgun fame and fortune as fragile as a water balloon filled with false hopes and dreams of breaking into Hollywood scenes and achieving notoriety, delusional grandeur shouting 'somebody lie to me'.

It's silent gunfire, an unknown poison, insidious. The true face we idolise is so fucking hideous, waiting for the next agenda for an excuse to get rid of us, and stitch your mouth closed to silence dissent, on the road we all walk that was paved bent, and full of wrong turns designed to lead you astray and waste the rest of your days as your misled until you come full circle beaten a hundred shades of black blue and purple, with an empty hole in your heart both numbing and hurtful.

So make choices uninfluenced by authoritative voices. Fuelled by passion and immersion in your own original versions of life that you've created and haven’t been fated. Look back on mistakes tearless, choose life and be fearless.

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