Wrong Side Of Paradise

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Adventures of Tom One.


Tom; "Jana says I'm not romantic"

Me; "You're not"

Tom; "What should I do?"

Me; "Nothing".

Tom; "Seriously, what would you do?"

Me; "Nothing".

Tom; "Be serious, if you wanted to impress a girl what would you do?"

Me; "Burp the alphabet?"

Tom; "Be serious!!!"

Me; "I guess if it was me, I'd take her out to dinner or write her a cheesy song or something".

Tom; "Yes, that's genius. I'll write her a song".

Me; "Wait...you can't sing"

Tom; "Can I borrow one of your guitars?"

Me; "You can't play guitar"

Tom; "So teach me a few chords?"

Me; "I don't have the patience"

Tom; "Come on, it was your idea...You wouldn’t have mentioned it if it was a waste of time would you?"

Me; "I guess it couldn’t hurt"


Me; "Woah what happened to your face?"

Tom; "This is your fault"

Me; "Oh crap, did Jana give you a smack?"

Tom; "No...I was trying to tighten a guitar string when it snapped and whipped me across the face"

Me; "I guess love really does hurt"

Tom; "......"

Me; "My bad".

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