Wrong Side Of Paradise

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

History Deceiving

He's already read the pages of his history.

Attempts at living fiction turn to mystery.

You can see it in the eyes, it's the same sad story.

Everything's the same in his inventory.

Steady as he goes, as per his instructions.

Delicate but sure is his worlds destruction.

Running from a future that's surely fated.

You call it a mess, he calls it complicated.

Looking in a mirror for the same reflection.

Shadows scar his eyes they're the same complexion.

He tried to live a life that's disconnected.

It's in his veins, it's in his bones, his souls infected.

He can't pick a side, is he saint or sinner.

You'll give him your best, he'll have the worst delivered.

He likes to kill them softy with his cruel inflections.

Just another broken heart to add to his collection.

Running to avoid the same destination.

Never could decide on his aspirations.

Doomed by fate to make the same mistakes.

Lessons never learned, just more rules to break.

All he really wants is to lose the burden.

He wants to be himself...just a different version

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